Nintendo stocks ( Pokemon GO) available to trade on IQ Option

Nintendo stocks on IQ Option platformIQ Option, one of the leading binary options brokers, have just announced that Nintendo stocks is available on its trading platform from today.

We are sure you’ve heard about “Pokémon Go”, a free to play game for iOS and Android,  where millions of people are scanning the streets from around the world looking for rare pokemons.

This smartphone app  have been developed by Niantic, an american software company based in San Francisco, but Nintendo owns the brands right to the Pokémon franchise, so this have been a phenomenal success for this Japanese video game company.

Within weeks of the game being released, Pokemon Go estimated at over 75 M downloads worldwide.

In the days following the launch of “Pókemon Go,” shares of Nintendo were on a tear. they have now risen by shocking 86%. The game is set to be released globally and the stock price will most likely continue to rally. IQ Option traders should not miss another crazy price spike!

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